Terms of Service

Cancellation of WEB reservation and reservation is possible until 1 hour before the operation start time. Please call later for reservations and cancellations. 046-296-5688 In the case of cancellation after the start time has passed or without contact, the treatment fee equivalent will be charged as the cancellation fee. Contraindications in this salon Those who fall under the following items may refuse the treatment. Please be aware in advance.・ Persons who are under the influence of drugs, alcohol, etc., those who appear to be present ・ One who is pregnant ・ One with severe skin disease / contagious disease ・ One with diabetes / heart disease ・ One who is treating illness, injury etc. -Those who require services other than relaxation, those who make a nuisance to other customers, etc., etc. If we judge that they are against the good sense, we will stop the treatment immediately even during the treatment and have you leave the building You At that time, in addition to paying the full fee in full, we will immediately notify the controlling police, security company, etc.