Lemon Hotel (Stay)

Lemon Hotel is an experience, but also accommodations for one group each day.Our guests will be prepared fresh island food with a twist of lemon. The next morning, they will awaken bathed in a pale yellow light, as if that of cloth plant-dyed with Teshima Lemons.

■ Accommodation The price is for one building per night (2-5 people).

984Karato, Teshima, Tonosyocyo,Shozugun, Kagawa
Transportation Information
Please use a high-speed boat from Takamatsu Port, Kagawa Prefecture.Please use a ferry or high-speed boat from Uno Port, Okayama Prefecture.
* Please refrain from visiting the island on the last flight.
Transfer service is not available from Toshima / Ieura Port / Karato Port.

<By taxi> You need to make a reservation in advance. Akiyama taxi: 0879-68-2111
<By bus> In front of Karatsuoka Assembly Hall Get off 3 3 minutes on foot Fee: 210 yen for adults
※ The last flight is around 16:00.
Please be careful.

For rental bicycles and rental cars, please contact the operators on the island.