• A-A Dotonbori only 20 min (4/26-)

    • 20min

    ※※ 4/26~ ※※A 20-minute cruise at the heart of Osaka! See the bustling Dotonbori area from the canal and get a front row seat to take the ultimate Osaka selfie infront of the famous Glico running man neon sign!


  • A-C Dotonbori-Temmabashi 40min (4/1-)

    • 40min

    ※※ 4/1~ ※※Board at Dotonbori near Nihonbashi bridge for a 40-minute cruise up the canal, through the water lock, and onto Okawa river. Cruise under the Temmabashi bridge and get a glimpse of Osaka Castle from the ...


  • C-A Temmabashi-Dotonbori 40min (4/1-)

    • 35~40min

    ※※ 4/1~ ※※Board at Temmabashi-Hachikenya pier and take a 40-minute cruise downt the canal, through the water lock, and all the way down to Dotonbori near Nihonbashi bridge. A quick walk from the bustling heart of ...