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Terms of Use

1.The study rooms are intended for independent study for university entrance examinations, various qualification tests, etc. If any of the following applies, your application may be cancelled or you may be asked to refrain from using the study room. (1) If the applicant causes inconvenience to other users of the study room, other companies in the building, or related parties. (2) When the applicant subleases the room to a third party without permission. (3) When it is deemed inappropriate from the standpoint of public morals or safety. (4) When the user brings in or uses equipment that is beyond the bounds of common sense.
2.The study room is available 365 days a year from 6:00 am to 23:00 pm. However, there may be temporary restrictions on use due to cleaning, inspections, construction, etc.
3. All users must register as a member to use this self-study room. No registration fee, admission fee, annual fee, etc. will be charged. Please note that you will not be able to make a reservation or proceed to payment without membership registration. (1) It is very convenient to check your usage status easily while using the hourly rental/reservation site. You can manage your usage history, change your payment information, apply for and cancel a monthly plan, and more, all at once from My Page. (2) Reservations are not required for monthly subscriptions. You can use My Page, but you will be able to perform important operations other than those related to your usage history.
4. The following fees are required to use the self-study room. Fees are payable in advance. Hourly rental plan (reservation required) ・ 6:00~12:00 91 yen (tax included) / hour ・ 12:00~16:00 180 yen (tax included) / hour ・ 16:00~23:00 220 yen (tax included) / hour Monthly plan (no reservation required) *An entry card key valid for each plan time period is provided. Day Plan All day 6:00~17:00 7980 yen (tax included) ・Night Plan All day 17:00~23:00 8490 yen (tax included) ・Weekday Weekday 6:00~23:00 7980 yen (tax included) ・Weekend Weekend Saturday and Sunday 6:00~23:00 8490 yen (tax included)
5. use of facilities ・Wireless LAN light FreeWi-Fi ・Free power supply with USB port ・Dial locker (L) 1400 yen/month (tax included) ・Lock locker with key (M) 1100 yen/month (tax included)
6. Contract period (Monthly plan) You can make a contract for one month or more (one month from the first day of each month to the end of the month), and the contract will be automatically renewed in one-month increments. If you wish to terminate the contract, you must cancel the contract on the reservation website at least 5 days prior to the contract period (5 days prior to the date of automatic renewal). Even if the cancellation procedure is completed in the middle of a month, the cancellation date (the last day of the contract period) will be the end of that month, and you will be able to use the service until the end of the month. When you cancel your monthly plan (Day/Night/Weekday/Weekend), please be sure to cancel your locker as well. Please note that your locker will be automatically renewed after the month is over. Fees are non-refundable after auto-renewal. Even if you contact us for cancellation, if you do not return the rental items within one week after the end of the usage period, the cancellation procedure will be cancelled and the usage period will continue to be automatically renewed.
7. Cancellation (Hourly/Monthly Plan) You can cancel your membership by clicking on the URL provided in the confirmation email for your membership application, or by clicking on "My Page" on the reservation site → Subscription History" → "Details".
8. Please note that due to system reasons, the monthly fee will be charged from the 1st of the month to the end of the month. The full monthly fee will be charged even if you sign up in the middle of the month. Please note that no refunds will be made on a pro-rated basis.
9.How to use the study room (1) All seats in the study room are unreserved, and there are two types of facilities: monthly and hourly rental. (2) Since all seats are unreserved, you are not allowed to leave your personal belongings on your own seat. You may sign up for an individual locker to store your personal belongings, but we will not be responsible for any theft, loss, damage, or defacement. In addition, luggage left in the study room will be disposed of after a certain period of storage, and you may be charged for the cost of disposal. We assume no responsibility for theft, loss, damage, defacement, etc. during the storage period. (2) If there is any difference between the actual facilities and the facilities described on the website or in other media, priority will be given to the current conditions. (3) If there are any problems with the facilities of this study room, such as seats, wireless LAN, lockers, etc., we will promptly repair or replace them, but we will not be responsible for any problems caused by the problems. (4) We will not be responsible for any trouble between users. 5) In the event of damage, defacement, or loss of the study room building, facilities, or equipment, we may charge you for repair costs. (6) In principle, communication between the user and our company, such as enrollment, cancellation procedures, and other important matters, shall be made by e-mail. We will not be responsible for any disadvantages incurred due to failure to receive e-mails from us. ⑺ We will deal with any accidents or incidents that occur in our study rooms in good faith, but we will not be held responsible for them. Notice regarding various measures to be taken in response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection Requests when using the study room for your safety, please take the following measures when using the study room, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Please take the following measures to ensure safety when using the study rooms, in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Please refrain from using the rooms if you are not feeling well, regardless of whether or not you have a fever or cough. Please prepare hand washing detergent, disinfectant, tissues, toilet paper, etc. When traveling to the study rooms, please be sure to wear a mask and avoid crowds as much as possible. Please wear a mask while using the study room. Before using the study room, please be sure to open at least two windows to ventilate the room. Please ventilate the room at intervals of less than one hour during the use of the room. Please wash your hands immediately after entering the study room. Sterilize and disinfect doorknobs, light switches, tables, and other areas that are likely to come into contact with your hands.