• 1F LIVING ROOM (A.Commercial)

    • ¥17,000~/30min
    • ¥275,000~/Day

    A bright and spacious 100 ㎡ floor and 5.2 m ceiling. A variety of plants give a calming atmosphere. The floor is equipped with a kitchen and as drinking and eating is possible, and therefore a great space to host partie ...


  • 2F LOUNGE (A.Commercial)

    • ¥5,500~/30min
    • ¥110,000~/Day

    While the open-ceiling connects with the 1st floor, the 2nd floor has a calmer atmosphere. A great lounge space, when using the 1st floor for a party. It is also suitable for small exhibitions with its natural light from ...


  • 3F LOUNGE (A. Commercial)

    • ¥7,000~/30min
    • ¥135,000~/Day

    The floor is gently divided into two spaces by a glass window and a terrace. Each area can accommodate about 15 people. The space is suitable for presentations and seminars, complete with whiteboard and monitor.◎Facilit ...


  • 5F BIRD ROOM (A. Commercial)

    • ¥14,000~/30min
    • ¥220,000~/Day

    Located about 25 m above the ground the space is fully covered with glass, making you feel as if you are floating in the air. The room is suitable for presentations and seminars, fully-equipped with projector and audio e ...