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"Metropolitan area outflow drainage road" flowing in the 50 meters of the metropolitan area is the world's largest underground river constructed by combining state-of-the-art civil engineering technology that Japan is proud of. Among other things, the magnificent scale of the pressure regulating tank called "disaster prevention underground temple" has become popular, and it has been introduced in many overseas media including CNN in the United States, and many tourists visit from home and abroad. As a "nucleus" of regional promotion of Kasukabe, this facility is distributed to Japan and the whole world based on "tourism" based on "Kasukabe" as a base, and efforts towards revitalization of the Kasukabe area are conducted in the country · Kasukabe city · We are starting with the cooperation of private companies.

Saitama Prefecture Kasukabe City Kamikanasaki 720 Ryu-Q-Kan
Transportation Information
When you use the Tobu Urban Park Line
1.Get off at Minami-Sakurai station. Use the North Exit.
2.Take the bus for 「Ryu-Q-Kan」 at the bus stop.
Buses run from 1 to 2 hours per hour.
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