Renting Kimono Shop - Kyoto Kashin-

Privacy Policy

◆ About the management of personal information In our store, we recognize the importance of personal information, comply with laws and regulations concerning personal information, and strive to manage and protect it, we strive for customers to use with confidence. ◆ About collecting personal information When you make a reservation to our store, we may teach your personal information as necessary. In collecting, we will make a clear statement of purpose of use and limit it to the necessary range of personal information by legal and fair means. ◆ Disclosure of personal information Our store does not disclose / provide personal information appropriately taught by customers, to third parties without customer's approval. However, when disclosure is requested by law or when requested by public institutions such as courts, police, etc., we may disclose and provide it.◆ About the use of personal information In our shop, we will use personal information that we taught from customers according to the following objectives. 1. Confirmation of reservation contents 2. Confirmation of reservation contents at the time of visit ◆ Correction and deletion of personal information When we receive request from customer for correction or deletion of personal information of ourselves, After confirming that it is things, we will take necessary measures within a reasonable range.