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Terms of Use

Terms and Conditions for Rental Kimono 1. About Rental Application Please apply on our reservation form. 2. Confirmation of reservation At the time when confirmation of reservation contents is delivered by automatic reply mail, reservation has not yet been confirmed. After checking the contents at our shop, the reservation will be confirmed at the time you send "Reservation Confirmation Mail". When automatic mail does not arrive, sorry for your inconvenience but please confirm whether reception is refused. 3. About rental fee The basic rental fee is the daily rate based on the principle of returning by 20:00 on the day of rental. Each option fee is included as well. If you wish to return on the next day, we will reserve an extension option and add a fee (1,000 yen). 4. About payment method Payment should be paid at the time of visit. Cash · credit card (VISA, MASTER, JCB, AMEX, DINERS) is available for payment. 4. About cancellation Rental reservation cancellation is accepted up to two days before the reservation date (the day before tomorrow). For cancellation the day before the day, we will charge a cancellation fee of 50% the day before, 100% of the day.5. Extended Fee If you apply for the "next day return option (+1,000 yen)" at the time of reservation or on the day of your visit, the return time will be extended until 17:00 the next day. If you do not offer and you will be unable to return it, we will charge 10% of the rental fee per day as a late fee separately. 6. About contamination / loss at rental Please do not wash or repair by yourself if you have dirtied the rented goods. Please contact our shop soon, please let us know what is dirty. After returning, we will clean at our shop. If it is remarkably soiled or damaged, we may charge actual expenses such as cleaning fee and repair fee. Please note. In the unlikely event that a product is lost, we will charge the actual cost of the item price.