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It is a tourist plantation in Okayama where you can do peach hunting and grape hunting. You can eat fresh, fresh, delicious white peach and grape of Okayama. A little present at a direct shop on your way home. Popular white peach soft cream and sale of fresh fruits sent directly to the production area. Okayama confectionery, local sake etc. We stock a lot.

Opening hours
9 a.m.-4 p.m. (Open throughout crop seasons)
It is crowded in the afternoon . We recommend you come for such as early time as possible .
Peach Plan(Jul.1-Aug.15,2017),Muscat grapes Plan(Sep.10-Sep.30,2017),Pione Plan(Sep.1-Sep.30,2017),Seto Giants Plan(Sep.1-Sep.30,2017)
218-1 Kamiichi Akaiwa city Okayama Pref.
Transportation Information
In the case of using a bus
It is about 40 minutes from the JR Okayama Station to nearby bus stops .
A bus stops called "Shimoichi ". It is about 5 minutes from bus stops to our store by walk .
In the case of Okayama Airport to coming , please take the bus for the JR Okayama Station and change at this station .

Detail of a Bus
The Uno bus is taken from the No.12 car stop of the JR Okayama Station east gate .
Please use a bus of "Neopolis Higashi Rokuchoume " or "Neopolis Nishi Kyuchoume" going which goes via Naka Shimoichi or Nishi Shimoichi .
If you don't understand Where bus goes , please ask a driver about whether it goes to Shimoichi .

In the case of using your car
It is about 15 minutes from the San-yo interchange in San-yo Expressway to our tourist farm .
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